Why Software Engineering Needs Women

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Left to Right: Dr Rashina Hoda, Dr Kelly Blincoe, A/Prof Catherine Watson

Following the recent anti-diversity manifesto episode at Google, a worldwide debate on women in technology has ensued. On the one hand, supporters of the ideas presented in the manifesto argue for biological reasons why they believe women are better suited to fields focusing on management, communication and ‘nurturing’ skills. On the other hand, opposers cite environmental reasons why women continue to be underrepresented in technical fields. Interestingly, there are both men and women in either camp.

In response, three women engineering academics from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland, Associate Professor Catherine Watson, Dr. Rashina Hoda and Dr. Kelly Blincoe (the last two also being the Marketing Officer and Treasurer for SI^NZ respectively) have presented their views on the subject published in the Newsroom. Enjoy reading it here: