SINZ Members at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE2023)

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Our SINZ members actively participated in the most prestigious conference on Software Engineering, (ICSE 2023), which was held in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Valerio Terragni chaired the Java Test Generation Competition of the 16th International Workshop on Search-Based and Fuzz Testing (more information on their website: He also gave a 50-minute Leadership Talk at the co-located conference MOBILESoft 2023, and presented his paper at ICSE 2023 titled “GradeStyle: GitHub-Integrated and Automated Assessment of Java Code Style,” where a tool to grade the code style of Java assignments at the University of Auckland was presented.

Photo: Valerio is presenting his paper about GradeStyle, a tool for automatic assessment of java code style

Dr. Kelly Blincoe participated as an ICSE 2023 Area Chair and chaired the Industry Forum track. She also served on the Doctoral Symposium and Student Research Competition committees.

Photo: (from left corner) Judith Perera, Kelly Blincoe, Dhanushka Jayasuriya. Dhanushka is a PhD student supervised by Kelly and Valerio; she attended the student mentoring workshop. Judith is a PhD student supervised by Ewan, Yu-Cheng Tu, and Kelly, and she was a student volunteer at the conference.

Dr. James Tizard presented a journal first paper at ICSE 2023 also authored by Kelly and two of her students tilted “A Software Requirements Ecosystem: Linking Forum, Issue Tracker, and FAQs for Requirements Management.”

Photo: (from left corner) Kelly Blincoe, James Tizard, Dhanushka Jayasuriya, and Judith Perera.

Dr. Daniel Alencar da Costa presented his paper titled “Unveiling the Relationship Between Continuous Integration and Code Coverage” at the co-located international conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2023).

Photo: Daniel is presenting his paper at the MSR’23 conference, an event co-located with ICSE’23.

Prof. Matthias Galster participated in the event as the Student Volunteer Chair, and together with Kelly, they participated as onsite judges for the ACM Student Research Competition.

In the photo, Matthias Galster is sitting alone in the second row, while Kelly Blincoe is seated in the first row. The photo was taken at the poster session of the ACM student research competition.

Dr. Amjed Tahir, although not present at ICSE 2023, received a Distinguished Reviewer award for the technical track of ICSE 2023. He also remotely presented his paper titled “On the Effect of Instrumentation on Test Flakiness” at the 4th International Conference on Automation of Software Test (AST, an event co-located with ICSE).

Although Assoc. Prof. Jens Dietrich could not attend the conference, he remotely presented his paper titled “On Retrofitting Provenance for Transparent and Fair Software – Drivers and Challenges” at the FairWare conference, which is also co-located with ICSE. The paper was co-authored with Prof. Matthias Galster.

Joining SI^NZ

If you are an active software engineering researcher based in New Zealand and would like to join or know more about SI^NZ, please contact our Treasurer and Membership Officer, Valerio Terragni or the local executive member at your university.