SI^NZ Held its 6th AGM at the University of Auckland

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SI^NZ held its sixth AGM from 4th to 5th December 2022 at the University of Auckland, with 17 members attending the meeting. This event was special as it was the first AGM to span over two days as well as being the first in-person meeting since the beginning of the pandemic.

We first welcomed all new members to their first AGM, requesting them to introduce themselves and discuss their research interests. Next, we had a series of talks regarding members’ successes in terms of research and funding as well as discussing funding opportunities.

Photo: (from left corner) Diana Kirk, Daniel Alencar da Costa, Robert Amor, Steve MacDonell, Jens Dietrich, Steve Reeves, Kelly Blincoe, Pankaj Sharma, Valerio Terragni, James Noble, Fabian Gilson.

In its first two-day format, AGM held several research talks, including talks from PhD students.

Photo: PhD student, Judith Perera, presenting her research results about technical debt.

Another highlight of the meeting was the display of our official poster during the event.

Photo: (from left corner) Sherlock A. Licorish, Pankaj Sharma Robert Amor, Ewan Tempero, Diana Kirk, Kelly Blincoe, Steve MacDonell, Daniel Alencar da Costa, Jens Dietrich, Fabian Gilson, and Steve Reeves.

Finally, officers were elected at the meeting where most of officers were re-elected. Changes of officers include Daniel Alencar da Costa, who is the new Marketing Coordinator; Sherlock A. Licorish, who is the new Deputy-Chair, and Valerio Terragni, who is the new Secretary & Treasurer of SI^NZ.

Joining SI^NZ

If you are an active software engineering researcher based in New Zealand and would like to join or know more about SI^NZ, please contact our Treasurer and Membership Officer, Valerio Terragni or the local executive member at your university.