Introducing Dr. Jemma König

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Dr. Jemma König is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Software Engineering at the University of Waikato. Her postdoctoral research is part of a larger MBIE funded project called Tini o te Hakituri. Hakituri focuses on investigating the use of technology in hazardous work environments. Her PhD research explored a computational approach to vocabulary testing, language tools, and text enrichment. More specifically, she focused on corpus analysis, pseudoword generation, automated vocabulary testing, and tracking learners’ interaction with online written language.

In her postdoctoral fellowship, Jemma König has primarily been involved in research on wearable technology and fatigue identification in the NZ Forestry (Hinze et al., 2022; Hinze et al., 2021; König et al., 2023). She has also recently begun to investigate cognitive workload and cognitive fatigue identification in more generalised settings. This includes the use of physiological data for cognitive workload classification, wearable sensors for movement analysis, and the semantic modelling of homogeneous physiological data.

Jemma teaches a number of second and third-year papers. The second-year papers focus on data structures, abstract data types, search and sort algorithms, software architecture, and mobile development. The third-year papers focus on advanced software engineering design including software requirement specification, software design specification, testing, implementation, maintenance, and DevOps. Jemma supervises a range of students, from smaller 15 point directed studies through to Masters and PhDs.

Jemma grew up in Rotorua, where her family moved when she was seven. She went to Saint Mary’s for primary, John Paul College for intermediate, and Rotorua Girls High School for high school. After high school, Jemma studied Landscape Design at the Hamilton Gardens through Wintec, where her love of computers was born. Landscape design is still a passion for Jemma. She loves designing gardens for friends as well as reimage her own garden, where she spends much of her time.

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