Modelling Influence in Software Ecosystems: Navigating a New Frontier

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AUT’s Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL), engages in international collaboration funded through a $150,000 RSNZ Catalyst Leaders Grant. Assoc. Prof. Tony Clear, Prof. Stephen MacDonell (AUT & Otago) and Prof. Daniela Damian of UVic, Canada are collaborating on the Software Ecosystems project.

The team investigates the emerging phenomenon of software ecosystems, where software developers work to incorporate their software components through defined interfaces for a common platform. Facebook, and Xero in New Zealand are two such examples. The software sector in New Zealand is growing, but suffers from the challenges facing most industries dominated by small firms. Nonetheless it is an agile and intelligent sector with the potential to achieve truly global reach and scale. The new phenomenon of software ecosystems offers an important path to global interconnectedness. Yet we lack understanding of their operation. How does knowledge exchange operate and how can participants in these large social networks of developers and firms position themselves for optimal influence? Therefore, this partnership between a leading Canadian researcher and a network of New Zealand software engineering researchers and software firms, aims to develop models and theories related to these questions, resulting in a set of tools based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. It is intended that the outcomes of this research will assist New Zealand’s Software firms to achieve global interconnectedness within large, international business ecosystems, and position themselves optimally for sustained delivery of software in collaboration with international partners.

Catalyst Leaders funding is provided by New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and administered by the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

The project is now conducting a survey with industry in New Zealand to develop an understanding of software ecosystems in the New Zealand context, and seeks respondents. The survey is also profiled on the SERL Project Site at . So if you can help to spread the word (call below) through your Software Innovation NZ contacts that would be much appreciated!

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The project has as one of its key tasks to develop an understanding of the ‘state of the art’ of software ecosystems in New Zealand. To this end this survey elicits responses from technologists and managers on their views and ideas on software ecosystems in New Zealand. The survey will offer the respondents the chance to participate in follow-up interviews. We invite you to participate in this survey. We hope to receive a strong response from the New Zealand IT industry, so that we can help grow awareness of our own strengths and identify any barriers to be overcome. Daniela Damian (LinkedIn)

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Prof. Daniela Damian, Assoc. Prof. Tony Clear and Prof. Stephen MacDonell