A/Prof Austen Rainer steps down, A/Prof Ewan Tempero new SI^NZ Chair

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Goodbye, Austen!

Associate Professor Austen Rainer has stepped down as the Chair of SI^NZ in preparation for his upcoming move to the UK. You can revisit Austen’s profile here and read his thoughts on serving in this role below.

On behalf of the community, we thank Austen for his dedicated service and leadership in this role, helping set up and grow the network for the last 2.5 years. Another key highlight of his role was chairing the international Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE) conference for the first time in New Zealand. His passion for excellence, like his ever-present smile, is contagious. We wish him all the very best in his professional and personal life ahead. We will miss you!

Welcome, Ewan!

We welcome Associate Professor Ewan Tempero who was recently voted the new Chair of SI^NZ. You can get to know Ewan more through his biography and this previous profile post. Ewan brings years of software engineering experience and expertise as a seasoned researcher and passionate and much adored teacher. We look forward to his leadership of the network, contributing to his vision, and wish him all the best in this role. Welcome, Ewan!



Austen shares his thoughts on the journey.

“It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many colleagues across New Zealand, over the last two and a half years, to first form and then grow Software Innovation NZ (SI^NZ). The network now has an impressive number of members, some notable successes and exciting future prospects, of which one is the activity now taking place to more formally establish the Network. I thank you all for your collegiality and support. I would in particular like to thank Steve for his support as deputy Chair, Kelly for her work as Treasurer, Rashina for her work promoting the Network, and Jim for his work engaging with industry. Though I will be located a good distance away I hope that I can continue to engage with the network and its members (perhaps as a leprechaun amongst the elves and the angels…). I wish you all, individually and as a network, and Ewan as Chair, much success in the coming years.”